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Social Studies

Ms. B. Burnell | Department Head

Ms. A. Binder
Ms. J. Braun
Ms. J. Nann (Atwal)
Mr. L. Iameo
Mr. A. Lum
Mr. C. McLean

Social Studies is taught throughout grades 8-11 and when one has reached grade 12 they will have a choice to take Social Studies as an elective. Throughout the Social Studies course students will develop their reading, writing, and critical-thinking skills. The students will also learn to cooperate with other students to complete group projects that will be presented to the class.

The department teaches students valuable reading and writing skills and gives them feedback on what they need to improve on. Students will also learn about current event and see what is happening around the country or the world. Occasionally students will go on field trips to reinforce the ideas of what is being taught in class.

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