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Welcome to the Tupper Secondary English Department

Our goal is to offer an engaging and comprehensive curriculum to help all students develop the reading, writing, speaking and thinking skills needed to be successful in high school and life. At every grade level, students study a variety of literary works, become adept at different types of writing, engage in both formal and informal oral learning activities, and develop their critical and creative thinking through project-based learning. As much as possible, we aim to integrate 21st Century learning techniques such as integrating technology into the classroom.

Refer to the course booklet for a breakdown of all English courses taught from Grade 8 to 12:

Refer to the following link for the most up-to-date information on the new English Language curriculum:

We also offer the following extracurricular activities: our school paper (Tupperwrites), fieldtrips such as Bard on the Beach, poetry cafés, and our work with the UBC creative writing journal New Shoots. We look forward to participating in other enrichment opportunities that arise throughout the year.   

The Tupper Secondary English Department is comprised of a team of committed, creative, and compassionate teachers. We collaborate extensively to ensure that we maintain consistent high standards. We integrate our school conduct ROARS (Respect, Ownership, Attitude, Responsibility, and Safety) as much as possible into the curriculum.


The English Department (in alphabetical order):

Mr. Blake Beaton

Ms. Jennifer Braun

Mr. Greg Buium

Mr. Michael Cavaletto

Mr. Faran Ghahremani

Mr. Steven Hsu

Mr. Grant Macmillan

Ms. Rebecca Patterson 

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. The department head is Jennifer Braun, and she can be reached at

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