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VSB Recognition Scholarship Winners

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Recognition scholarship winners

This summer, we’re celebrating some of the fantastic achievements by students and staff across VSB during the last school year! Congratulations to the six winners of the 2024 VSB Recognition Scholarships, including two recipients of the Teacher Recognition Scholarship, two recipients of the Support Workers Recognition Scholarship, and two recipients of the Administrators Recognition Scholarship. 

Each scholarship is awarded to students who demonstrate the qualities and influence of either a teacher, a support worker or a principal or vice-principal. Scholarship recipients receive $2,500 to support their journey to post-secondary education. 

Teachers Recognition Scholarship

The Teachers Recognition Scholarship recognizes graduating VSB students who positively contributed to their school communities. Through their participation and service in the school community, these students reflect the ideals of the school’s character or code of conduct. They have maintained a good academic record, demonstrated perseverance and resilience, and intent to enrol in post-secondary education. Students applying for this scholarship were asked to complete a written statement expressing a teacher’s impact on their education. 

This year’s recipients are: 

Soleen Sayed-Nouri from Britannia Secondary 
Mr. Chenoweth was Soleen’s Grade 12 Law and Indigenous Studies teacher at Britannia. Through his genuine connection with students and their families, empathetic approach to teaching and ability to fully engage his classrooms, Mr. Chenoweth inspired impactful lifelong learning for Soleen. He also inspired her submission letter for this scholarship. 

“[Mr. Chenoweth] is one of the most genuine and open-hearted teachers I have had the privilege of knowing. His impact on his students is so genuine because he always speaks from a place of understanding and compassion,” Soleen says. 

Valerie Valiente from Windermere Secondary 
During her time at Windermere, Valerie was a committed member of the Windermere Vocal Ensemble and was selected for the choir by her teacher, Ms. Lee. Inspired by her kindness, care and passion, Valerie shares the gratitude she feels toward having Ms. Lee as a teacher. 

“She is the most resilient, caring and passionate person I know,” Valerie shares about Ms. Lee. “She inspires me and many students with her hard work and visible passion for her job and music.” 

Support Workers Recognition Scholarship

The Support Workers Recognition Scholarship is awarded to graduating students who exemplify and demonstrate the beneficial influence of support workers. These students have demonstrated strong school involvement, maintained a good academic record, demonstrated a strong work ethic and perseverance, and intent to enrol in post-secondary education. 

Students applying for this scholarship were asked to complete a written statement expressing a support staff worker’s impact on their education. This year’s recipients are: 

Ngoc Kim Pham from Britannia Secondary 
For many students whose family’s first language is not English, entering an English-speaking school can feel challenging to navigate. Having the support of a multicultural liaison officer, with whom you share the same cultural background, can make a world of a difference. For Ngoc, Mr. Lai did exactly that. 

Mr. Lai is a Vietnamese multicultural liaison worker at Britannia. Through his compassion and unwavering support for Ngoc and his family, Ngoc felt enabled to navigate difficult situations and found an environment of support. 

“He is the unsung hero, always working behind the scenes to solve students’ problems, yet rarely getting the recognition he deserves,” Ngoc writes. “My respect for Mr. Lai is limitless.” 

Amirreza Teimour Zadeh from King George Secondary 
Immigrating from one country to another can be scary and difficult, especially when there are cultural differences to navigate. When Amirreza and his family came to Canada, VSB settlement worker, Ms. Ansari, helped them find comfort in their new surroundings. 

In addition to offering support and guidance to Amirreza, Ms. Ansari inspired him to pay it forward. During his Grade 12 year, Ms. Ansari offered Amirreza a volunteering opportunity to help new Persian students find their way at King George, similarly to how she helped support him. 

“Ms. Ansari has been one of the most important and influential people that I got to know in my journey to success,” shares Amirreza. “Her kindness and compassion motived me to be a better person and flourished sympathy and empathy in me.” 

Administrators Recognition Scholarship

The Administrators Recognition Scholarship recognizes graduating VSB students who made a positive contribution to their school communities. These students demonstrated strong school service, involvement and leadership, maintained a good academic record, demonstrated a strong work ethic and perseverance, participated in athletics and/or school clubs and intend to enrol in post-secondary education. 

Students applying for this scholarship were asked to complete a written statement expressing how a principal or vice-principal made positively impacted their education. This year’s recipients are: 

Tiffany (Ying) Tang from Vancouver Technical Secondary 
“From slipping on fake banana peels to dancing in the hallways, Mr. Moro always found a way to fire up school spirit,” Tiffany writes about her principal at Van Tech. “Mr. Moro’s impact on my education extends far beyond the traditional roles of a school administrator.” 

In addition to laughter and positivity, Tiffany shares that as a student council advisor, Mr. Moro worked closely with students to ensure budgeting didn’t hinder memorable events. Additionally, his encouragement and guidance supported students in reaching their potential and in developing leadership skills that will support them in their futures. 

Sara Reyes Ossman from VASS – East Vancouver Education Centre 
Sara’s principal, Mr. Recsky, helped shape a kind and supportive learning environment for students to grow. Sara shares that Mr. Recsky’s leadership had a ripple effect on the school community, motivating staff and students to strive to be the best versions of themselves. 

“His efforts and commitment to creating a positive and supportive learning environment has not gone unnoticed,” Sara shares. “East Vancouver Education Centre is a space where students feel safe, valued and encouraged to reach their full potential.” Mr. Rescky’s dedication to staff and students made a lasting impact on those around him. 


Congratulations to all recipients of the District’s scholarship this past school year! Thank you to all staff who work so hard to support and guide students. Your dedication is invaluable.

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