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Parent Advisory Council

What is the PAC?

All parents of Tecumseh School are members. The purpose of the group is to give input to the school, support student activities and support/build community strength. A leadership group helps coordinate this effort, but all parents are welcome.  The recent volunteerism of Tecumseh parents has allowed the PAC to continue to run a pizza lunch program, to have a community multicultural pot luck, to form a grad committee to support grade seven students & families, to begin parent education nights, and to start to provide a staff appreciation breakfast in the spring.  We are always needing to include new volunteers in these activities in order to keep our team energized and share important information to be passed on as years go by. ;

How can I participate?

Join us for a PAC meeting! We meet once a month, (see UPCOMING PAC EVENTS) and along with school administration we discuss school activities.  We often meet first thing after drop off, but try to make sure we have night time meetings as well for those who can’t make day times.

Offer to volunteer!  There are many ways parents can lend a hand; either routinely or on occasion.  Every small bit makes us stronger.  Keep an eye on our emails and newsletters for requests, or make a suggestion as to how you can share a skill.  Being a part of our volunteer group is a great way to make connections, play a part in creating a healthy school community, and often, have some fun!

Attend an event, or just stay informed! The PAC is not just about raising money for the school.  Our events focus on building social connections or learning about topics impacting family/school life-help us build their popularity to ensure we can continue to run and improve them!  Studies show that positive parental involvement at school improves learning and success rates of students.  Building a stronger community of parents at the school leads to a healthier, happier and safer neighbourhood.  These are goals that PAC has and our ability to meet them increases with the number of parents we connect with, either in person or through our communications via web or email. 

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