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Grade 4 Resources

Social Studies  Canadian Aboriginal History 
Aboriginal Culture in Canada
Science  Weather 


Canadian and Aboriginal History 

Canada’s First Peoples: Peoples Before ContactAn interactive map of Canada’s First Peoples, with in-depth information about each group. Topics include: environment, housing, food, technology, religion, culture, social structure, and warfare. 

Canada’s First People: Contact & ConflictAn article about the contact, trade, and alliances between Aboriginals and the Europeans. 

Virtual Museum of New France: ExplorersLooking at the history of some early French explorers in Canada. Includes biographies, important discoveries, and maps of their explorations. 

Aboriginal Culture in Canada 

First Nations ProfilesA collection of advanced government information about Aboriginal communities across Canada. 

Kids’ StopA site for students about Canada’s Aboriginal history, culture, and language. Includes games, biographies, and recommended books and sites to read. 

Five Pillars: The LandAn advanced discussion about the Aboriginal relationship to the land. 

Light and Sound 

Science of LightAn introduction to the scientific concept of light. Includes a brief 10 question quiz. Click the link to Light Spectrum for more information about different wavelengths of light. 

Basics of SoundAn introduction to the scientific concept of sound. Includes instructions for three simple experiments about sound. Click the link to Sound 102 for more advanced information. 

Habitats and Communities 

Another Link in the Food Chain Discussion of the food chain, and how humans are a part of it. 

Web Weather for KidsLearn about how weather works, with some activities, games, and stories about weather. Includes information about clouds, hurricanes, thunderstorms, tornadoes, blizzards, and winter weather. 


12x12 Times Table

Multiplication GamesA site with some fun games to help you learn about multiplication. There is review about multiplication under the “Learn” link at the top of the page as well. 

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