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Grade 6 Resources


Canada  Government Systems  Justice System  Culture Science  Diversity of Life  Electricity  Extreme Environments Math


Comparing Canadian and American Governments

Government Systems>span class="ms-rteFontSize-4">
Parliament of Canada: An Introduction
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What is Canada's Political SystemAn introduction to the three levels of government in Canada – Federal, Provincial, and Municipal. 

The Canadian Parliamentary SystemA more advanced look at how the Canadian Parliamentary system works. Includes the concepts of Party Discipline, Majority & Minority Governments, and Confidence Voting. 

The Governor General

Canadian Foreign Policy>span class="ms-rteFontSize-3">An in-depth look at Canadian foreign policy throughout history. 


UN Rights of the Child
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Justice System 

Canada's System of JusticeA guide for advanced students from Canada’s Department of Justice about how our system of justice works, and how it affects our lives. 


The Canadian Broadcasting CorporationAn article on the history and operation of the CBC. 
Diversity of Life 
AnimalsA list of various animal species separated into different categories that link to pages with information on the specific animals including habitat, diet, and other interesting facts. 

BBC Science: Why Organisms are Different
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Biology4Kids: Cell StructureAn article about cell structure, with links to different more advanced pages about different parts of the cell. 

Classifying AnimalsAn animated film about how to classify animals, including mammals, birds, fish, amphibians, and reptiles. 

Electricity6-electricity.pngScience Probe 6: Electricity Excellent links and resources for students doing the Electricity section of Grade 6 science. Activities as well as interactive resources. 

Electricity for KidsAn introduction to the topic of electricity, with links to other related concepts. 

Energy & ElectricityA fun site that introduces the concept of energy, talking about the different types of energy, the history of electricity, some important inventors, and sources of power. There are some small quizzes and games. 

Kids' Corner: Electricity>span class="ms-rteFontSize-3"> 

School Science ClipsA collection of short activities about science topics that should be relevant to some Grade 6 topics. 

Extreme Environments

Extreme Environments on Earth
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Volcano ExplorerAn interactive introduction to three types of volcano, and you get to build your own volcano and watch it erupt. 

How Spacesuits WorkAn explanation about how space suits work, and why astronauts need them. More advanced information is found in the later pages. 
Canadian Space Agency: YouTube
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NASA for Grades 5-8
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Exploring the Deep OceanHow different types of submarines and robots are allowing us to explore the deep ocean. There are links on the right to additional information on the submersibles AlvinNereus
Deep Ocean ExplorersA video from the History Channel about deep ocean exploration, and the submersible Alvin. 

NASA: History of FlightA history of flight, and some pioneers across history who contributed ideas towards our modern airplanes. 
An Arctic TimelineA timeline of exploration of the Arctic, from 1496-1962. Includes the names of major explorers and their ships. 

Geology of CavesAn introduction to types of caves, why they form, and how they can be explored. 

Audio Slideshow: BBC's Human PlanetAn interesting slideshow with photographs of people and cultures that live in extreme environments. Includes captions and narration by the photographer. 


Multiplying DecimalsA video about how to multiply decimals. 

RatiosExamining ratios and using them in scaling. 

Why Are There Letters in my Math?The worksheet “Why are there Letters in my Math?” Reviews basic algebra concepts, and has some exercises to try. 

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