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Grade 3 Resources

Social Studies  Canada Science  Solar System  Math


Prime Minister’s Interactive ZoneSome games about Canada, including naming the provinces and the territories, and matching flags to the provinces. 

Map of Canada PuzzleCanadian Geographic’s puzzle of Canada. Assemble a map of Canada, then match the flags to the provinces! 
science trans.png 

Science: Ages 8-9A collection of activities about science topics that should be good for Grade 3’s. 

Solar System 

The Planets
Information about the planets in our Solar System. 


KidsAstronomy.comAstronomy topics for kids, with information about the Solar System, Deep Space, modern space exploration, and how to become an astronomer. 

Astronomy for KidsInformation about the field of astronomy, with links to subjects such as the Solar System, black holes, galaxies, and stars. 


Fractions and DecimalsAn introduction to decimals, fractions, and percentages, and how to convert between them. 
Help to understand the place value of decimals, and how to put them in order. 

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