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Grades K-1 Resources

Reading  Science  Math 


Fiction & Non-FictionA basic site demonstrating the difference between fiction and non-fiction. There are four stories to read or listen to, and then students can decide if they are fiction or non-fiction. 

SeussvilleDifferent stories, videos, characters, and games based off Dr. Seuss’s popular books. Includes material for educators and parents. 

StarfallGames and resources for learning to read. Phonics, read-alongs, all sorted by skills. 

Pete the Cat

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Science Ages 5-6Activities from the BBC that help kindergarten children learn about different science concepts. 

K-1 ScienceSome little games that can help with some science concepts for younger grades. 


Grade 1 MathA collection of resources to help with first grade math topics. Includes activities and review articles for counting, addition, subtraction, numbers, measurement, and geometry. 

Kindergarten MathA simple website with different math lessons and review topics to try with your child. 

Basic MathA collection of activities and lessons for kindergarten students who need a review of basic math concepts. 

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