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Parent Resources

Internet Safety

Common Sense Media

Some materials for parents to consult regarding online safety concerns, and some common-sense approaches for dealing with problems.

10 Tips for Internet Safety

This blog posting has 10 tips for parents to think about when talking with their children about Internet safety.

Centre for Digital and Media Literacy

Canada’s Center for Digital and Media Literacy – tips on how to keep safe and secure online, with extra tips for parents to use. Addressing topics like cyberbullying, body image, safety, and privacy.

Educational Resources


Games and resources for learning to read. Phonics, read-alongs, all sorted by skills.


A good reading resource that pairs fun video storybooks with related nonfiction eBooks. Requires Tecumseh login.

BBC's Bitesize for K-1 The BBC’s learning site for younger grades. A variety of games that help students learn about literacy, math, and science.

BBC's Bitesize for Grades 2-5

The BBC’s learning site catered towards grades 2-5. There are review sections for different topics, videos, quizzes, and related educational games.

BBC's Bitesize for Grades 5+

The BBC’s learning site for older grades.

Book Adventure: Parent’s Place

If your child has an account at Book Adventure, you can monitor their reading progress (if they consent), access motivational resources, and help them find their next book to read.

Use the free anagram generator to find the best solutions in your favorite word games, like Scrabble or WWF.

Non-Fiction for Kids

Some ideas for parents who want to help their children learn about fiction and non-fiction, including some family activities to encourage interest in non-fiction books.Getting Kids Reading

Literacy ideas for parents who want to get their kids more interested in reading and literacy, or for encouraging children to continue to read.


Free math resources featuring addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Requires account creation.

Safety and Bullying

Safe, Caring, and Orderly Schools

The BC Ministry of Education’s “Safe, Caring, and Orderly Schools” documents relating to to school safety and child welfare.

Talking about Bullying

A short video to share with your kids about bullying. It explains what bullying is, what you should do if you or someone you know is being bullied, and how to avoid being a bully yourself.

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