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A welcoming environment at Tupper Nova

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Tupper Nova Classroom

Tupper Nova teachers, Matthew Friesen and Jesse Casewell, as well as Jin and Carla, youth family workers, show us around the Tupper Nova space at Tupper Secondary School. The inviting space is filled with ambient lighting, artwork and the kitchen is stocked with snacks and tea. The classroom is just one aspect of the program, where students are encouraged to attend twice per week. Learning also takes place outside the classroom, in art programs and skills-based programs, such Barista training. Tupper Nova is an outreach program focusing on the mental health of students who are disengaged from attending school.

Matthew Friesen explains how the Nova program supports students. “We look for students’ passion because we can’t force students to go to school. We really just try to support them to find the motivation inside themselves and the desire to be back in school and do the things they love.”  

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