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Absence Reporting

How do you advise Killarney of a student absence? 

 1.  DAILY ASSESSMENT CHECKLIST-  Make sure that the parent has checked the student's health using this checklist.

Access the BC COVID-19 Self-Assessment Tool ( anytime to determine if you/your child should seek testing for COVID-19

2.  KILLARNEY ABSENCE REPORTING EMAIL -  In order to serve you better, we have changed the online form to an email format.  Please include the following information in your email:

FULL STUDENT NAME  (First and Last Name)


DAYS OF ABSENCE (If more than 3, please use the "Extended Vacation Request Form")  Notices of family vacation or absences requiring longer time periods.


SUBJECT(s) & TEACHER(s) & BLOCK(s)  (Optional)

3.  EMAIL THE TEACHER(S)– CC the teachers who are affected by the absence email above - the student must inform their current teachers of their absence to obtain their homework and assignments.

4.  PREPARE AN ABSENCE NOTE – If you were unable to send an email to the office or the teacher, parents are asked to use our form to prepare a note for the teachers to sign when the student returns to school.

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