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District IT and Networking Program

Music Program

Killarney has one of the strongest music programs in the district.

Information Technology

Killarney has a very diverse Information Technology program. We are one of a few high schools in Vancouver that offers the full I.T. program. Students start off as a novice and end up ready to take industry certification exams or ready to excel in university. The programs offered are CCNA certification, A+ certification, animation, and Programming.

Killarney is the only high school in the Vancouver School District that offers Cisco's CCNA certification program. This program prepares students for 2 or 3 international networking certifications. BCIT offers similar courses and students are given a head start in this field.

Students learn how to put a computer together, install a variety of operating systems and troubleshoot problems. In fact we prepare students for the A+ certification, which will give the students an extra edge in the workforce.

Students are also exposed to a variety of programming languages. They learn the basics all the way to object oriented programming where they can create gui applications straight from code. Students have also been exposed to university level programming concepts such as 3D environments like Open GL, creating file compression programs or programming a messenger program from scratch.

Students have shown a lot of talent with 2D animation.

Mini School

Killarney has a mini school program that integrates different subject areas. Students work together and tackle problems with high level problem solving skills.

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