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Mission Statement

It is the mission of Killarney Secondary School to provide an environment within which all learners can be successful.


In keeping with provincial, district, and community goals, Killarney Secondary School will provide an environment which:

  • attends to the positive growth of each student's knowledge, skills, and attitude.
  • is sufficiently involving so that everyone can find a place to contribute and flourish within it.
  • is safe and clean.
  • fosters respect and cooperation.
  • encourages self-esteem from success as an individual learner.
  • encourages behaviours expected of a responsible citizen.


A balanced program of education should help every student develop:

  1. a mastery of the basic skills in the use of words and numbers;
  2. a knowledge and appreciation of the natural sciences, technologies, social sciences, arts, and humanities;
  3. an awareness of various forms of communication;
  4. the lifestyle necessary for the maintenance of physical and mental well-being;
  5. self-understanding and a positive feeling of self-worth;
  6. skills, understanding, attitudes, and work habits necessary in preparing for and selecting vocations and avocations throughout life;
  7. an enjoyment of and confidence in imaginative thinking and creative expression;
  8. the acceptance of responsibility for one's own actions and an appreciation of the right of others;
  9. the ability to work cooperatively with others
  10. an appreciation and knowledge of social, cultural, and ethnic groups and their values.


20/20 RULE

No student may exit the classroom in or during the first 20 minutes or the last 20 minutes


If a student must exit during the allowed time (ie: middle 35 minutes of their class), they must display the one uniform hall pass provided for your classroom.


Electronic/curricular devices (ie: cell phones, iPods, and scientific calculators) should not interfere with the classroom, school learning environment. Electronic devices may be used in class at the teacher's discretion; otherwise, during class time, they need to be out of reach and sight.


Curricular devices (ie: scientific calculators, electronic dictionaries, and smart phones) may be permitted in class at your teacher's discretion. Smartphones should be stored in backpacks, for security, and not be visible unless your teacher asks you to use it.

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