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Mathematics is an integral part of human experience and is a necessary requirement for all citizens to function productively in society. Also important is the human satisfaction that arises from an understanding of mathematics as an extension of the concrete world. For these reasons, mathematics is an important component of education and, as such, it should be the right of every student to receive mathematics instruction appropriate to his or her needs and ablities.


The goals of our mathematics program at Killarney are consistent with those set forth by the Ministry of Education. These are that the cirriculum will provide:

  • the mathematics necessary to function in society
  • the mathematics necessary to engage in life long learning
  • the mathematics necessary to pursue further formal study in mathematically related areas
  • the opportunity to develop skills in logicalanalysis and to present problem solutions in a clear and precise manner

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Killarney Prime Time Math Games is going virtual!  Due to the COVID-19 restrictions, we are unable to hold our annual Prime Time Math Games for our Family of Schools.  We know that reading instruction manuals can be boring and bothersome, so we made a series of instructional videos for you! In each episode, one game will be introduced.  We will provide some basic details about the game, explain how to play it, listing the skills that each game helps to develop and giving it a quick review.  We hope this would make it easier for the students to learn the games and help the teachers/parents decide which one to invest in.    

Here is the link to our Youtube channel:

Killarney Prime Time Math Games - YouTube

Killarney Prime Time Math Games is an event created by 3 Math teachers at Killarney Secondary School. Our goal is to help students develop a positive attitude towards Math. By introducing and ...

We appreciate your continued support!  If you have any questions, please feel free to email us (

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