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ELL Program Support

  • Mr. Kal Gill, Administrator in charge of ELL
  • Mr. Rob Ferguson, International Ed. Student Advisor
  • Ms. Emy Nakamura, ELL Department Head
  • ELL teachers:  Mr. Hudson, Ms. Dermott, Ms. MahovlichMr. Mao, Ms. Colobong
  • Killarney counselling team

ELL Courses

ELL Testing

  • September:  Reading & Writing assessments to confirm timetables 
  • November:  considerations for promotion in Semester 2
  • January: Midyear Reading & Writing assessments for 2022-23 timetabling

Factors determining movement

  • Academic achievement, attendance, effort
  • Motivation in ELL + non-ELL courses
  • Success in credit courses and electives
  • Feedback from mainstream teachers
  • Formal reports:  interims & report card
  • Analysis of reading and writing assessments & ELL teacher observations

Ensuring academic success

  • Getting adequate sleep and regular routine
  • Establishing homework time & space
  • Monitoring & supporting study time and activities
  • Maximizing opportunities to achieve social success
  • Taking an active interest in school subjects and activities
  • Having ongoing communication with teachers by parents & guardians


ELL Student Assembly

ELL Parent Info

Useful Links:

  1.  Province of BC English Language Standards.
  2. VSB Newcomer Welcome Centre (home of our ELL District Principal, ELL Consultant and our Multicultural Language Workers and our Settlement Workers.
  3. School assignments & Contact Info for Multicultural Liaison Workers
  4. School assignments & contact info for Settlement Workers in Schools
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