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What is a School Counsellor?

  • A certified teacher with specialized training in Counselling Psychology. 
  • At Killarney each grade has their own counsellor who starts with them in Grade 8 and continues as their counsellor until grade 12. 

What does a Secondary School Counsellor Do?

  • Assists Parents and Students to
    • Understand school curriculum, courses and services
    • Understand educational strengths, challenges and needs of the student
    • Become aware of post secondary options and career possibilities
    • Develop effective communication skills with each other
    • Become aware of alternate courses, program and schools that may better suit the student
  • Helps Students Deal with Life Issues such as:
    • Anxiety, Depression and other mental health concerns
    • Assertiveness and Conflict Resolution
    • Bullying, Gangs and Peer Pressure
    • Family Relationships
    • Career and Post Secondary Planning
    • Stress Management, Decision Making and Problem Solving 
  • Liases with Teachers, Administrative Staff and other professionals to best support students in school
  • Teaches a portion of Health and Career Education curriculum

How can I contact my school counsellor?

  • Students can drop by their counsellor’s office to talk.  If it’s an emergency, contact any counsellor in the office for help. 
  • Parents can phone or email their son or daughter’s counsellor to make an appointment.

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