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Fine Arts

MAINSTAGE 2021 !  Come one Come All!  -  During COVID-19 lockdown, a student breaks into Killarney Secondary to grab his homework. Before he can clear out, a white rabbit with a giant pocket watch appears and tells him he is in a play. Before he knows it, the rabbit is off, and he has transformed into a female classmate starring as Alice.  What follows is a comedic romp through the halls of Killarney as "Alice" runs the caucus race, has soup with the Duchess and dances with the Mock Turtle. Soon the actors are on strike and the teen has to decide whether to stay in Wonderland or go back to the real world. Curiouser is socially distant theatrical experience not to be missed. 

*This project is an art starts artist in residence project."

This year has been a challenging one for the Mainstage Cast & Crew but we are determined to bring a performance to our fans.  Due to COVID restrictions, we are unable to have an audience and will be filming our production.  We would be very pleased to have your support for the many months of work and dedication our students, staff and volunteers have put in to make this possible.  Tickets to view the film can be obtained below:

March 8th

March 9th

March 10th

March 11th

March 12th


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