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Digital Citizenship

Set up a student Office 365 account

  • Go to
  • Login (first and everytime) using and your VSB password. (Example:
  • Note: any teacher can change your password for you using "Teacher Tools" on their desktop
  • You can download and install up to 5 copies of Microsoft Office applications software on your home/personal computers (Windows and Mac)
  • You can also install Office apps on up to 5 personal mobile (Android, iPad, iPhone, WIndows phone) devices

Set up a student email:

  • Log into Office 365
  • Click on "Mail" to use your email account
  • Language: English
  • Time Zone: UTC -08:00: Pacific Time (US & Canada)
  • To send an email, Click "New"

Structure of a student email address

  • Your public email address is your student number followed by
  • For example: Sarah Brown - #332597 would have the email:

For more information please go here: Office 365 Resources for Students

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