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Welcome to IT at Killarney

Post-Secondary Affiliations with Killarney's IT Courses

Killarney IT students have an advantage to get priority or save money at some post-secondary institutions.

Post-Secondary Institution Affiliation

Students who enroll in the District's IT program (every Day 2), a 4 course Networking Administor program will be accepted into a quick start 2-year Networking Administor program at BCIT.

Students will not have to take or pay for those courses at BCIT. 

Students will have the first semester paid for, some restrictions may apply.


Dual credit program. Students also do no thave to pay for the challenge exams at LaSalle.

Students can challenge several courses at LaSalle, write the exam and if they pass will be able to take courses that require that course as a pre-requesite. Courses can range from thousands of dollars and the challenge exam can range from hundreds of dollars.

Vancouver Animation School Students do not have to take entry level courses, will bypass the queue to have their portfiolio evaluated to get priority seating in their program.

Industry connections

Organization Description

2015-2016 Students visited Microsoft's downtown location. They took their time to talk to our students and did a presentation just for them.

2018-2019 TEALS. A programmer from the industry will volunteer their time to enhance students' experience with programming.

EA Sports

2014-2015 Jennifer T., an EA Sports programmer volunteered her time to help the Programming 13 students work on thier programming projects that were mainly video games using a range of different game development software/SDKs. One being for visually impaired students.

2013-2015 students were able to tour EA Sports

Free Geek 2015-2016 students helped process the hardware at Free Geek
LinuxFest 2016-2017 (April) Students attend a fieldtrip to the United States to spend a day at the LinuxFest conference, where students can attend lectures, workshops, talk to companies recruiting/advertising products, and view/interact with demos.
Cisco 2018 Networking 11 students are able to tour, participate in a demo of the latest technology and learn about the industry.
Telus 2009 students were able to have a tour of the company. They showed us how they are able to power phones even if there is a power outage and how phone lines are connected when someone creates a new phone number/account.

Information Technology Opportunities

Hootsuite Kick start your career in Tech - Deadline April 14, 2017

Women in Tech

BC Aware - Cyber Security Challenge

pass: 94OMHPOalg
and teams are able to login to these emails at
Please share this information with your team. As soon as possible, please have your team log in and reply to the message that I’ve sent to let me know that we are ready to go for the competition.

  • January:
    • Register for BCAware
    • Cyber Security Curriculum
    • Watch videos! here
    • Meet: at 8am at the entrance near Georgia X Richards
    • WebEx Session: Friday, Jan 27 at 1pm (Join in if you can, but the session should be recorded.)
    • Forms needed to be signed and handed in by Friday at the latest:
      • Field trip form
      • Media consent form
    • Things to bring:
      • Your TICKET
      • Laptop with an Ethernet port or Ethernet adapter
      • Ethernet cable
      • Headset/Ear buds with a microphone
      • Notes
    • Software to install on your laptop before the event
      • Remote Desktop (RDP) client for interaction with Windows targets
      • SSH client for interacting with Cisco and Linux targets
      • Nmap (or any of its GUI cousins) for network mapping and service discovery
      • Wireshark for network protocol analysis
      • TestDisk for partition discovery and file system forensics
      • Netcat for arbitrary TCP/IP fun

Programming 11

Networking 11

Programming 13

District IT students

IT Scholarships

  • This is a list of scholarships that we are/were aware of. We are not checking to see if these scholarships are still in effect. The student will need to look into how to apply, what the qualifications are and if the scholarships are still in effect.

IT 10 - Flow chart video

IT 10 - Flow chart tasks

Maya Presentation

Linux Presentation Ideas

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