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Mathematics Honours Program

The Mathematics Department at Killarney Secondary is announcing a new Mathematics Honors program, starting September 2017.  The program is an accelerated program where in Grades 9 to 11 students will cover 4 courses:

  • Math 9
  • Foundations of Mathematics and Pre-Calculus 10
  • Pre-Calculus 11
  • Pre-Calculus 12

Killarney students do very well on the Foundations of Mathematics and Pre-Calculus 10 provincial exams in comparison with the rest of the province.  Our school’s average has been consistently and significantly higher than the provincial average.

A major advantage of being in an accelerated program is that students will be able to complete Pre-Calculus 12 before taking Calculus 12 in their grade 12 year. This would allow the students to have more options in grade 12 and focus on Calculus 12.   Another major advantage would be the opportunities for enrichment that may not occur in a regular Mathematics class.  The goal of the Mathematics Honours program is to challenge the top students in Mathematics.

The criteria used to determine the successful applicants for the Math 8 Honours class are based on Math 8 teacher’s recommendation, Math 8 marks, and Gauss contest results.

In addition to the accelerated curriculum, our Grade 11 students will have a chance to visit the Museum of Mathematics in New York City in their final (third) year of the Math Honours Program. Our Math Honours students will have the opportunity to attend some of the math workshops at the Museum and of course, a chance to experience a fun, exciting and educational vacation with their peers and teachers during the Spring break of 2020. More information on the trip will be presented to the families at a later date.

If your child is interested in our Math Honours program, please encourage him/her to talk to their Math 8 teacher or contact our Math Honours program coordinator, Ms. Koo, at

Math 9 Honours Exam

  • Date and location:  TBA
  • Additional material to cover: 

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