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Social Development

Our philosophy at the David Thompson Social Development program is to provide a safe and positive learning environment for students to reach their fullest potential in a classroom setting and beyond. We aim to make this classroom a successful part of the David Thompson community and participate fully in all school events. We model honesty, respect and patience and see this reflected within the classroom.


  • To provide a safe environment where students can learn and grow
  • To prepare students for a larger group and school setting
  • To help students develop interpersonal skills
  • Aid in the development of interpersonal relationships through teaching, modelling and peer support.
  • Foster self-control, empathy, respect, responsibility, co-operation, and participation in school community.
  • Equip students with skills in order for them to manage positive and negative emotions.
  • Focus on decision-making, developing self-awareness, and problem solving.
  • Introduce academic skills that follow the Grade 8 and 9 curriculum IRP's.


TEACHER - Students receive instruction in the core academic subject areas from the classroom teacher. The teacher develops individual educational plans for students based on their ministry designation(s) and parental meetings.

YOUTH AND FAMILY WORKER - The YFW provides support to both the student and the family for success and school, at home and in the community. Students receive support to ensure social, emotional and behavioral well-being. Contacts with other support professionals can be arranged for the family when needed. The YFW ensures appropriate future placements are made for students leaving the program.

SCHOOL AND STUDENT SUPPORT WORKER - The SSW provides assistance in all aspects of the students' educational experience. The SSW provides assistance in all academic subjects as well as providing social and behavioral support when needed.

STUDENTS - Students are expected to arrive on time and prepared for class every day. They are expected to respect the rights and dignity of other students and staff. Students are expected to follow staff direction, participate fully in all class activities and events, and make their best effort at achieving success both in and out of the classroom.

PARENTS/GUARDIANS - Caregivers are expected to support and understand the goals and objectives of the program. They are expected to provide accurate contact numbers and information to the program staff. They are asked to phone the classroom and provide notes in the event on an absence of their child. They will be asked to attend meetings related to their child. They are expected to assist the student in educational development by ensuring they are rested and appropriately dressed for school, that they maintain regular attendance, have school supplies and access to healthy food choices every day.


  • The David Thompson Social Development program is offered to Grade 8 and Grade 9 students.
  • Maximum intake for the program is 14 students.
  • The program operates on a Day 1 - Day 2 (4 block/day schedule). All academic courses are taught over this two-day schedule.
  • David Thompson has a 3-term year, with report cards issued at the end of each term (November, March and June).
  • Monthly bus passes are offered to students living outside of the David Thompson catchments area.
  • Daily hot lunch program is available on a per needs basis.
  • Individualized Education Plans are built for each student with a large focus on developing interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Partial integration into the larger school is offered to Grade 9 students to allow them to exercise and further develop social interaction skills (This integration process is a decision arrived upon by staff, grade counsellor, and administration).
  • Each month we try to provide a field trip to help develop and teach various interpersonal and life skills. This year we have gone skating, the aquarium, bowling, and snow tubing.

ENTERING AND EXITING THE PROGRAM To enter the David Thompson Social Development program, a letter of acceptance must be signed. Students exit the program:

  •  when the staff and school based team feel the student is capable both academically and emotionally to fully integrate into a larger school setting
  • when they have finished Grade 9 and are not yet able to integrate into a larger school setting. Students are then placed in various alternate or special education programs throughout the district.
  • Require more support services than are available in the class

Our phone number at David Thompson is (604)-713-8278 - extension 7303 for the main classroom and extension 7329 for the Youth and Family Worker.

We look forward to seeing you in the Fall. Thank you.

Aaron Oliver - Teacher Keith Malkoske - Youth and Family Worker

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