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District Scholarship Information and Application

The District Scholarship process involves an application from the candidates and a selection committee of teachers. 

Link to application will be posted in Spring of 2021 (April 2021)

Students can apply in more than one category. If you are applying in more than one category, you need to submit a separate application for each category.

There are seven areas of scholarships:

  • Indigenous Languages and Culture (demonstrated at school or in the community)
  • Fine Arts (Music, Drama, Dance, Visual Art)
  • Applied Design, Skills, and Technologies (Business Ed, Home Economics, Technology, Information Communication Technology, Media Arts, Tourism)
  • Physical Activity (Athletics, Fitness, Outdoor Education, not limited to Physical Education)
  • International Languages (from the International Languages Curriculum or External Assessments, including AP courses)
  • Community Service (volunteer activity), which includes awareness of local, global, and cultural issues
  • Technical and Trades Training (Woodwork, Auto, Robotics, Mechanics, Cook Training, Culinary Arts, Coding)

Instructions & Timeline:

Information will be posted April 2023

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