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Study Smarts for Students!

Ever stress yourself out cramming for an exam? Worried about handling the work load in your first year at college or university? Panic no more. In The A*R*T  of successful studying(Summit Educational services, 1991), authors Myrna Levine and Judith Montgomery outline how to master the “art”-absorb retain, testify- of smart studying. Here is some of their learned advice.

-You can’t deny it: hitting the books has to start sometime. Try now! Each week, set up a study timetable by working out the total time needed for homework, papers/projects, readings, and course review. By doing so, you will eliminate daily time -wasting decisions about what to work on next; and you can calmly on one task at a time, then enjoy guilt free leisure.

-Every evening, review the notes taken in the day’s classes, and review all notes at regular intervals. If you don’t review today’s lecture for several weeks, by exam time you will have forgotten 80 to 95 percent of it.

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