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Japan Exchange Program

Sponsored by Ms. Huey and Mrs. Monk, members of staff from our sister-school, Yokohama Science Frontier High School (YSFH) in Japan, and Kumi from MYK Enterprises.  Our two Japan Virtual Exchanges (Social-Cultural and Science) take place two to three times within a school year on Saturday evenings in Vancouver (mornings in Japan Time) with YSFH online.  


For each group the focus or emphasis is on different areas of discussion. The Social-Cultural group will share about various social/cultural practices. While Science exchange will provide students from both schools with opportunities share Science Fair, environmental, and engineering projects.  We look forward to many more Japan Virtual Exchanges with our sister-school in the future!


1695405284520.jpegStudents meet with Consul General of Japan in Vancouver, Mr. Kohei Maruyama at the David Thompson Library


Online Exchanges


Virtual Japan Exchange with DT-YSFH students during the winter break.



Summer – Social-Cultural Exchange group               


Summer – Virtual Science Exchange, students shared their various Science Fair and ISEF projects




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