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David Thompson Work Experience 11 (XAT--11WEX) 0 Credits

David Thompson Work Experience 12 (MWEX-2A)  4 Credits



Work Experience 11 and 12 are off-timetable courses where fundamental employment skills such as communication, problem solving, positive attitudes and behaviors, working safely, working with others and being adaptable are learned and developed.  Experience really is the best teacher.  Work experience provides opportunities to develop these skills in safe and low risk environments where the student is part of a cooperative partnership with the school and the employer.


Why take Work Experience?

  • Allows you to explore potential career paths.
  • Gain experience for broad-based admission applications.
  • Expand your network, gain a reference and/or get a part-time job.


Course requirements:

Work experience students must complete 90 hours of work experience in addition to completion of assignments related to workplace safety, resumes and interviews, and any other assignments as given by their work experience teacher.  Students will have two years to complete these 90 hours.


For enrolment in a Work Experience Program, contact and include your student number and homeroom.

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