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The School Counsellor is an educator who is professionally trained in guidance and counselling. The counsellor shares with the teachers, parents, and administrators a responsibility for guiding students so their years in school are rewarding and worthwhile. Counsellors are concerned about students' welfare and are interested i how the students are progressing.

Counsellors are also available to assist students in planning for their future. Planning is important to establish the students' educational and vocational goals. In order to register at a post-secondary institution, students must be familiar with the entrance requirements. Counsellors provide the students with information about courses and assist and guide the students in making the appropriate course selections. For course planning, students must consult the counsellor responsible for their grade level.

The Counselling Centre is located across from the Main Office next to the school store. Students are encouraged to visit the Counselling Centre during their free time to discuss various concerns with the counsellor of their choice. Students are discouraged from "just going to see their counsellor" during class time. Students are accountable to their subject teachers and must get permission to be absent from a class. Students wishing to make an appointment with a counsellor should leave a note in the counsellor's letter box in the Main Office or drop into the Counselling Centre before or after school.


The objective of the school addiction prevention counsellor is to provide a comprehensive alcohol and other drug abuse prevention program. The program is divided into three areas as follows:

  • education for students, staff, and parents
  • school community awareness
  • individual/group counselling

Ms. Kayo Devcic, the Addiction Prevention Counsellor, has her office in the Counselling Centre.


Multicultural Liaison Workers are school personnel who assist parents and students to understand and participate effectively in the school system. They are the liaison between the home and school. The Multicultural Liaison Workers based at David Thompson speak Hindi, Punjabi, Cantonese, and Mandarin.

There are Multicultural Liaison Workers from other cultures based at other Vancouver schools that are available to assist students, parents and staff. If the services of a Multicultural Liaison Worker from another culture are required, please contact the school office or a counsellor. 

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