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All students are required to pay a school fee. School fees are published and itemized in the beginning of the school year newsletter.  School fees are payable during the first week of school or upon registration during the year.  

School fees are payable on the David Thompson website.  School Cash Online, our new online payment program, is accessible by selecting the <Pay Fees> button at the top of this page.

The Board of Education’s Trustees are committed to ensuring that no school-age student will be denied an opportunity to participate in a course, class or program because of an inability to pay fees.  Parents and guardians unable to pay school fees are invited to speak to the school principal, grade vice-principal and/or their child’s counsellor.

New! 2023-24 David Thompson School Fee schedule is here. Click the link below to see school fees for the upcoming year. 

School Fees David Thompson 2023-24.pdf

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