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Social Studies


Social Studies

David Thompson Secondary offers many course options in the area of Social Studies. Compulsory courses include Socials Studies 8, 9, 10, and 11. Adapted Core and Transitional courses are offered for both junior and senior students. Electives such as History 12, Geography 12, Law 12, Philosophy 12, Social Justice 12, Comparative Civilization 12, Intro to Logic and Reason 12, Comparative Civilizations 12, and Sociology 11 are also offered through the Social Studies department at DT. The experienced and dynamic teaching staff in the Social Studies department strives to engage students in thought-provoking and exhilarating lessons in History, Geography, Civics, and Current Events. Teachers often enhance activities through the organization of exciting field trips, projects, simulations, clubs, contests, and competitions.

Grade 8

Social studies 8: MSS- -08

Social Studies 8 Enriched: MSS- - 08E

Social Studies 8 Core: MSS- -08B

Grade 9

Social Studies 9: MSS- -09

Social Studies 9 Enriched: MSS- -09E

Junior Social Studies Transitional: XLDCEO9TSS

Grade 10

Social Studies 10: MSS- -10

Social Studies 10 Enriched: MSS- -11E

Senior Social Studies Transitional: MSS- -10TR

Grade 11

Social Studies 11: MSS- -11

Social Studies 11 Enriched: MSS- -E

Sociology 11: YPA- -1BSOC

Grade 12

Comparative Civilizations 12: MCCN-12

Geography 12: MGEO-12

History 12: MHI- -12

Law 12: MLAW 12

Philosophy 12: YPHR-2APB

Social Justice: 12B: MSJ- -12

Intro to Logic and Reason 12: YPHR-2B

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