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The new BC ELA curriculum separates ELA 8-12 curricular competencies into two categories:

Comprehend and Connect (reading, listening, viewing)

Create and Communicate (writing, speaking, representing)

The SWC English Department philosophy regarding implementation of this curriculum:

  • A study of literature will take place at every grade level. This will include the use of literary terminology in relation to specific literary works in various genres, including short stories, graphic novels, poetry, plays, new media, novels, and non-fiction. 
  • We are committed to the inclusion of Canadian works at all grade levels.
  • The process of writing will be taught at all grade levels.
  • Instruction in grammar will be integrated into the study of literature and writing at each grade level.
  • Participation in oral activities, both formal and informal, will be encouraged and assessed at each grade level.

Areas of special focus in the SWC English Department's approach to the teaching of English:

  • We will encourage independent reading to produce life-long readers.
  • We will continue to search for and acquire works of literature which will appeal to both students and teachers as well as represent the diversity of the school population. 
  • We will encourage personal writing so that students will develop confidence and competence in their ability to produce and substantiate informed positions.
  • We will encourage productive talk by a variety of means (pair-share, small-group activities, literary discussion, language exercises, and preparation for debates and speeches).
  • We will encourage expression of understanding and analysis through a variety of assessment practices.
  • We will embrace efforts made at reconciliation through education by studying Indigenous texts and promoting Indigenous voices in our classrooms. 
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