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Physical and Health Education

Welcome to the Churchill Physical Education and Health Department.  The Department is focused and eager to provide students with every opportunity to help the create a positive sense of self, a baseline of their abilities in physical literacy and movement, and the motivation to continue to maintain and improve their activity long after they complete the course.  Every student has different abilities, and we encourage individual improvement along with a respect for others in a cooperative learning environment.


Here is a list of our department members along with their sport focuses for coaching. 

Ms. Ling (Volleyball)

Mr. Jefferson (Ice Hockey)

Mr. Dykstra (Basketball)

Mr. Zerbinos (Softball)

Mr. Sowerby (Soccer)

Mr Waraich (Basketball)

Mr. Pears (Soccer)


Physical Education students are expected to change clothes before and after class sessions, wear appropriate athletic wear including Churchill PE strip and appropriate shoes for class.


PE students need to bring to class

    • change of clothes (appropriate wear).  Including athletic wear for outside in poor weather.  Please check weather ahead of time as we will go outside in rain.
    • PE lock to secure bags, clothes, etc in our locker rooms. (Please note that change rooms have a high risk of theft and valuables such as phones and money are not recommended to be brought to class and should instead be locked up in the students hallway locker).  The PE lock must be a school issued lock purchased on schoolcashonline. 
    • Waterbottle
    • A parental note or email to excuse any absences throughout the semester.  (Please note that If a student attends school while injured they are still expected to attend their PHE class)


Individual PE teachers will each have their class expectations and will go over those along other gym expectations during the semester.  We hope you enjoy your classes and feel challenged throughout.  

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