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Prelude Program


January 10, 2024

Please note that a second part to the application, proof of residency, will be announced on Teams on January 15th.  Please stay tuned!  

January 4, 2024

The application information for the 2024 program is now live.  Please review the "Prelude Application Information 2024" Powerpoint slides listed under "Resources" at the bottom of this page.  You will need to view the slides in slideshow mode in order to use the links.  You will find the link to the application form, which is digital this year, within the slides (but you'll have to find it by reading carefully!). 

Please note that we do not know yet if there will be a Prelude Camp in the 2024-2025 session.  We are bringing it back for the first time this Spring as a trial run.  Information about potential fees will be noted in acceptance letters.  

Program Overview

Prelude is a grade 10 school-based program, which means that applicants must be registered at Churchill and be living in the Churchill catchment to be admitted to the Prelude Program.  Current Churchill students who no longer live in catchment must complete a cross-boundary application and have it approved before their applications may be considered.  Please see FAQ #8 below for important links.  

The Prelude Program is for learners who seek greater depth and independence in their coursework and who enjoy opportunities to chase their curiosity while still benefitting from the support of teachers and peers.  Successful applicants consistently demonstrate strong work habits, collaboration, and self-management in all of their courses, including electives, but there is no minimum grade requirement for acceptance into the program.  The Prelude-specific courses, which will be elaborated upon during the information session in January, 2024, offer students opportunities to experience the benefits of a smaller cohort while still being active members of the school community as a whole.  The two core Prelude courses, Prelude Leadership and International Studies, provide students with opportunities to explore communities, both local and more physically distant, and to build their strengths as compassionate and critically-minded leaders.  

Prelude is for many different types of learners, but all applicants must be open to developing into the most effective learners they can be.  Our Prelude Learner Profile,  linked below, lists the core practices and qualities that we seek to build in the program.  Applicants needn't be adept at all of the traits listed just yet, but they do need to be ready to work towards improvement and to reflect on their progress.  

Prelude Learner Profile: Prelude Learner Profile B&W.pdf

Prelude courses use a 6-point scale for evaluating student progress, which, in alignment with ministry standards, is a cumulative process that allows students to experience learning as a journey.  Courses are evaluated according to grade-level standards.  

While many of our Prelude students do decide to apply for IB and find the skills developed in Prelude to be an asset, it is important to note that Prelude is not an IB program and application to IB is not mandatory. For details about IB, please visit the IB page.

Questions can be directed to Wynn Deschner (she/her), the program coordinator, at  


1. Can International Students apply to the Prelude program?

Yes!  International students can apply to Prelude so long as they, like all students, are registered Churchill students and live in the Churchill catchment at the time of application.  Please be aware that International students may not, at this time, apply to the IB program, even if they are in the Prelude program.  This is a district mandate.  

2. Can a student who lives in the Churchill catchment but does not currently attend Churchill apply for the Prelude Program?

Only students currently registered at Churchill AND living in the Churchill catchment may apply to the program.   

3. Do students in Prelude still have to apply to IB if they wish to enter the IB program?

Yes.  Prelude is not an IB program.  All students who wish to enrol in the IB program for grade 11 (Year 1) must apply in grade 10.  No student is given preference over another based on the student's grade 10 program choice.

4. If my child's sibling was in Prelude, does that mean that my other child will get in as well?

No.  All applicants are considered on an individual basis.  

5. What kind of supports might a Prelude student need at home?

Students most often, but not always, need support in managing time and ensuring healthy practices such as sleep, time with friends, and play.  They also need support in focusing more on feedback and goals than on grades. 

6. What makes Prelude different from other program options?

Prelude has two unique courses--International Studies and Leadership--that are focused on citizenship, empathy-building, collaboration, communication, and independent learning.  Prelude courses move at a faster pace and the assignments are larger in terms of scope and depth.  Students, as well, benefit from working in a consistent cohort of folks.  They also receive mentorship from senior students--many of whom have been through the Prelude program as well.    

7. Are references required or considered?

No.  A survey is sent out to the current teachers of the applicant.  If we have further questions, we may ask to speak with the applicant or the grade counsellor.  

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