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Autism Resource Center

ARC is a Secondary Program to support students diagnosed with high functioning autism.

FOCUS: Using a resource model, this program supports students through social skills training and in executive functioning or organizational skills.

Students are fully integrated into most courses offered but must enroll in the following ARC courses according to grade level:

ARC Social Skills (for Grades 8 AND 9 only)

In lieu of a second language class course for grade 8 and 9, students will have an opportunity to regain a language course in grade 11. Lessons may include:

  • ILAUGH Model of Social Thinking-Michelle Garcia Winner
  • Friendships-Bullying, Reciprocal Conversations, Joint Attention etc.
  • Perspective Taking-Context and People
  • Emotions-Self-Regulation, Incredible 5-Point Scale, Behaviour Mapping
  • Social Fake- As a group or class
  • Anxiety- Mind-Up, Deep Breathing, Yoga
  • Social Rules-Role Play, Video analysis, Video-Modelling
  • Body Language-Rules of Communication

ARC Planning 10/Business Education 10 (for Grade 10 only)

This course aligns with Planning 10 Ministry’s Prescribed Learning Outcomes and extends social skills learned in Grade 8 and 9 to employment skills. This is a full year course as ARC Planning and ARC Business Education are combined.

  • Graduation Program-Course and Graduation Requirements and Grad Transitions
  • Education and Careers- Work Experience Opportunities, Mock Interviews, Career and Education Fairs, Personal Interests and Attributes, Employments Standards (Rights and Responsibilities), Support Networks, Goal-setting
  • Health-Healthy Living, Healthy Relationships, Mental Health, Self-Management, Self-Awareness, and Self-Advocacy
  • Finances-Financial Literacy, Realistic Goal-Setting, Living and Education Costs, Financial Planning

ARC Skills for Grades 8-12

Students are expected to have one skills block in ARC from grades 8-12 to focus on areas of executive functioning and/or organizational skills.

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