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Churchill counsellors offer a variety of services; assisting students with their social, emotional, and academic development. To ensure continuity of service throughout the secondary years, each student is assigned a counsellor according to his or her grade level.

The counsellor stays with the student for the duration of his or her schooling at Sir Winston Churchill. Students may also consult with other counsellors. All students are encouraged to make self-referrals to their counsellor who may then be able to offer direct assistance or, when appropriate, offer referrals to community service.

Parents and guardians are encouraged to maintain contact with their son and daughter’s counsellor over their child’s years at Sir Winston Churchill. Staff can be contacted via email.

Resources can be found below for:

General Youth Resources/Youth Directory

Community Connection - Support for Family

Resources for LGBTQ2S+

Black Youth Helpline

Victims Services/Sexual Assault

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