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French Immersion

Entry/Re-entry requirements for French Immersion at Churchill 


This programme is offered only to the following students: 


1) Those applying from elementary school, or previously enrolled in either: 

a) Early Immersion (Beginning from Kindergarten or Grade 1) 

b) Late Immersion (Grades 6 to 7); or 


2) Those from a school in a Francophone jurisdiction in which French was used as the primary language of instruction (e.g. Conseil scolaire francophone (CSF), French schools of any Centres de services scolaires in Québec, etc.). 


Students previously enrolled in and had withdrawn from French Immersion may choose to re-enter the programme. Families are advised, however, to first contact the Grade Counsellor and French Immersion Department Head at Churchill. 


Students who do not fulfill neither criterion (1) nor (2) may not enroll in French Immersion. These students may choose to pursue French language or French Immersion courses independently and externally (FRAL/FILA via Distance Education, DELF courses, etc.), but the credits will be ineligible for a Bilingual Dogwood Diploma. 




Withdrawing from programme 


Students withdrawing from French Immersion but reside within Churchill’s catchment will remain at the school. 


Students withdrawing from French Immersion but reside outside of Churchill’s catchment must submit a Cross-Boundary Application to remain at Churchill, pending approval. 



Additional offerings for Churchill FI students 


I.  French Immersion Prelude 


French Immersion students seeking to challenge themselves academically are strongly encouraged to participate in the Prelude Programme cohort. This is a recommended, but not mandatory, preparatory year for those interested in applying for the French Immersion International Baccalaureate (IB) Programme (see below). 


II. TREK (offered in Grade 10 through Prince of Wales Secondary) 


French Immersion students wishing to participate in the TREK outdoor education programme in Grade 10 will complete FILA (FRAL) 10 at Prince of Wales. During TREK, they will miss three FI courses at Churchill: Sciences Humaines 10, Sciences 10 and FICO 10.  


Therefore, students must complete the following to obtain the required credits for their Bilingual Dogwood Diploma when they return to Churchill in Grade 11. 


1. Independent novel study. Three French novels are selected and assigned. Projects related to the novels are to be submitted to the Department Head no later than the last Friday of the September in their Grade 12 year. All extensions requested must be submitted to the Department Head well before this deadline. 


2. French immersive experience hours. Student must choose one of the following three options: 

1. Immersive experience in Québec, either through: 


         a. Explore Language Bursary program* (; or,   

b. YMCA Summer Work Exchange Program ( This is  

usually done after Grade 11 year. 


Students are responsible for signing themselves up for these programmes. If      

they wish to obtain external credits through other programmes they must first  

seek permission. Please see School Counsellor for advising. 

*must enroll in the programme for 16-18 year olds to acquire the  

necessary credits towards the Double Dogwood Diploma 


2. French Immersion Peer Tutoring 11 (if available as a timetable option). Students need  

to see the Department Head in the first week of September of Grade 11 year if they  

wish to pursue this option. 


3.  French Community Service - 120 hours of service offered in French within the school  

and/or Francophone communities. A form must be submitted by June of the Grade 10  

year detailing the intended plan of the service(s) to be rendered. Students are required  

to keep a log to account for the hours. 



III. French Immersion International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme (Grades 11-12) 


French Immersion students choosing to pursue the IB Diploma Programme (DP) will automatically be enrolled in French A Literature (SL/HL) and an additional Year 1 French course. Credits for both these French courses will be required to obtain the Bilingual IB and Bilingual Dogwood Diplomae at graduation. 


Note: Students not enrolled in French Immersion will select French B (SL/HL) or another language to fulfill IB requirements. 




Academic Integrity Policy for French Immersion Students 


In addition to Churchill’s policies regarding plagiarism and academic integrity, French Immersion students are strongly advised not to use any translation software or websites (e.g. Google Translate, Reverso, etc.) when submitting any work.  




Courseload Required for Bilingual Dogwood Diploma 


Churchill French Immersion 

Regular Courseload 

8e année 

9e année 

10e année 

11e année 

12e année 



FRAL 10*^ 

FRAL 11 

FRAL 12 

Sciences humaines 8 

Sciences humaines 9 

Sciences humaines 10* 

Sciences humaines 11 




FICO 10* 


Sciences 8 

Sciences 9 

Sciences 10* 




English First Peoples 12+ OR 

BC First Peoples 12+ 

Prelude students will enroll in: 


FRAL 10 Prélude 

FICO 10 Prélude - Études internationales 

Sciences humaines 10 Prélude 

Sciences naturelles 10 Prélude 

^ TREK students returning to Churchill FI in Grade 11 must complete the following in addition to FILA/FRAL 10 completed at Prince of Wales: 


1. Independent literature study 

2. Immersive experience in French 


Please see Department Head / Counsellor for details and deadlines. 


Options offered at Churchill recommended to regular (i.e. non-IB) French Immersion students to meet the Indigenous-focused graduation requirement. 



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