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Physical Education

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Course Outlines

Active for Life Course Outline (pdf) *NO LONGER OFFERED


Prerequisite: PHE 10 

This is a combined Grade 11/12 course  

It is an elective course that may be used as one of the courses leading towards Graduation. AL—11/12 can be taken in eitherGrade 11 or 12. The course will consist of:

  1. Team/Individual Sport and Lifetime Active Living Pursuits – emphasis on technical aspects of sport, nutrition, fitness, and healthy living principles. - 30% assessment
  2. Leadership and Service –  Leadership/Service in Intramural and/or Extra-curricular programs, or in the Community - 10% assessment
  3. Physical Fitness Performance –  Fitness Testing and Timed Runs - 20% assessment
  4. Personal & Social Responsibility –  Class citizenship, engagement, attendance, leadership, participation,  etc. - 40% assessment
  5. CPR certification and First Aid –  St. Johns Ambulance/Vancouver Firefighters CPR level A or level C training workshops and exam, as well as sports injury taping and injury prevention lab assignments. - 10% assessment
  6. *Optional - Leisure-oriented activities include field trips such as trail hiking, mountain biking, 10 pin bowling, indoor rock climbing, ocean kayaking, ski/snowboarding, driving range, pitch 'n putt golf among others
  7. *participation in the field trip excursions are designed to enhance the learning of students and offer enrichment experiences. They are accompanied with a user cost per activity. (*in the past, a course fee was collected for the entire school year).
    1. *Reminder the field trips are optional and not a course requirement.


* course synopsis in the process of being updated


*please refer to course outline under Resources

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