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Learning Strategies

The learning strategies contained in this section are found in the "Titan Learning Strategies" binder that will be distributed to all Templeton teachers, in September of 2013. 

The goal is for teachers to use these and other tools to reinforce our students' study skill habits.

Our four focus areas are: 

1. Agenda and Time Management Skills
2. Notebook and Organizational Skills
3. Note Taking Strategies
4. Test Taking Strategies 

The “Titan Learning Strategies” binder was prepared by:

Rick Mesich, Vice-Principal, Templeton Secondary
Dr. Alex Vera, Templeton Mini-School, Department Head
Giovanna Bombino, Teacher-Librarian, Department Head  

Resources consulted: 

•  Killarney Secondary School’s Study Skills Book
•  Windermere Secondary School’s “Grade 7 Toolkit: getting ready for Grade 8” booklet
   & Community Resource Team’s binder
•  Kitsilano Secondary School’s “Learning Strategies” binder
•  Strategies for Success: teacher guide (Grades 6 through 12).   California: AVID, 2005.
•  Study Strategies made Easy booklets developed by Linda O’Reilly (Sunrise Learning Services Team)


Additional Resources:


More information on study skills and learning strategies can be found in the Templeton Secondary School Library's professional collection.  Among the resources are:

  • Brownlie, Faye and Susan Close.  Beyond Chalk and Talk.  Ontario: Pembroke Pub., 1992.  [PRO 371.3028 BRO]
  • Coman, Marcia J. and Kathy L. Heavers. How To Improve Your Study Skills.  USA: VGM Career Horizons,  1990.  [371.3 COM] 
  • Greenberg, Michael.  Painless Study Techniques.  New York:  Barron’s, 2009. [371.3 GRE] 
  • Kline, Peter and Lawrence D. Martel.  School Success.  Utah:  Great River Books, 1992. [371.3 KLI] 
  • Koechlin, Carol and Sandi Zwaan.  Info Tasks for Successful Learning.  Ontario: Pembroke Pub., 2001. [PRO 371.3 KOE] 
  • Koechlin, Carol and Sandi Zwaan. ; Information Power Pack.  Ontario: Pembroke Pub., 1997. [PRO 371.13028 KOE]

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