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Shape of the Day

9:00 Soft Start - Choice Time - Buses Arriving - Washroom 

9:30 Morning Social Meeting with Songs , Group Calendar, and Exercises 

10:00 Snack Time + Teeth Brushing

10:15 Chores - Kitchen, Laundry, Recycling, Deliveries

10:30 Group Walk with Street Safety or Visit Gym Class

11:00 Learning Centres / Community Outing / Bus Training

11:30 Lunch Time (Cafeteria Lunch Available)

12:00 Choice Time - Buddies, Art,  Library, Crafts

12:30 OT/PT/SLP Activities 

1:00 Work Experience related Activity

1:30 Classroom clean up, and toileting routines  

2:00/30 Bus Pick ups


We focus on meeting Sensory Needs, exploring social activities and expanding communication .    

Some students may prefer to observe school activities, and some like to engage in  activities,  and both are fine.   Modelling is a large part of our program.

Shape of the Week: There will be lots of individualized schedules , but the big picture is that each day of the week has one major theme such as:  art/music, shopping, cooking, school community,  health recreation.

Staff and students approach these themes in small breakaway groups, in ways that work for them, so there’s no unrealistic expectations.  

Shape of the Year:   Each month we focus on the seasonal themes as well as special events, holidays, and bdays. 

September : All about Me (My Family, friends, school , community)

October: Indigenous Day ,  Thanksgiving, Halloween

November: Remembrance Day

December : Work Experience and Winter Holiday, Christmas, Honukka 

Jan: Work Experience / Chinese New Year

Feb:   Valentines

March: Women's History Month / St Patricks Day 

April: Poetry Month / Easter 

May: Mothers Day 

June: Fathers Day 

Morning social songs :  

Screenshot%202023-11-22%20at%203.25.43%20PM.jpegmorning.jpegScreen Shot 2019-11-13 at 5.13.28 PM.pngWhat's your name Song






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