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Teachers' Corner

Links to Professional Resources

  • B.C.T.F. - The British Columbia Teachers' Federation website
  • V.S.T.A.The Vancouver Secondary Teacher's Association


Former Curriculum:

Ministry Approved Curriculum Documents (IRPs) - Former Curriculum

Ministry Recommended Learning Resources


Point of Inquiry (pdf)

The Points of Inquiry: a framework for information literacy and the 21st Century learner
      (BCTLA, January 2011)

Professional Resources available from the Templeton Library

The Evolution of Inquiry / Daniel Callison (PRO 028.7 CAL)

Engaging Readers &Writers with Inquiry / Jeffrey D. Wilhelm  (PRO 428.0071 WIL)

Collaborating for Inquiry-Based Learning / Virginia Wallace (PRO 371.3 WAL)

IQ: a practical guide to Inquiry-Based Learning / Jennifer Watt (PRO 371.3 WAT)

Critical Thinking Consortium (TC2 resources)

This is a non-profit association that promotes critical thinking in primary to post-secondary classrooms.  It provides free access to online teaching materials, professional learning resources and The Thinking Teacher, a monthly digest of practical ideas to implement critical inquiry.

To access to the resources, all you need to do is create a personal account on theTC2  website.


  • Plagiarism Information
    This site includes readings, tools, teaching and assessment strategies that work to cut down on or eliminate plagiarism.
  • Plagiarism [Ekdahl / Parangao presentation at the BCTLA Conference
    One page document with everything needed - includes readings, tools and assessment strategies that work.
  • Tutorial on Plagiarism
    An interactive video about plagiarism brought to you by Acadia University. It includes topics such as
    "What is plagiarism" and "What should you do to prevent it".
  • Watch Know(Educational Videos)This site is blend of Youtube and Wikipedia. It is a collection of free videos for children on a wide range of topics. New content is constantly being added.


ANXIETY 101: Helping High School Students

(Pro-D Workshop on Nov. 27, 2015) with Christine Yu

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