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If you are interested in participating in one of these clubs, please contact the sponsor teacher.

Book Club

Sponsor supervisor(s): Gogae Nanda

Meetings: Fridays @ lunch, Makerspace

Statement of purpose: students choose books and meet to discuss.


Chess Club

Sponsor supervisor(s): Mike Hengeveld

Meetings: FIT periods

Statement of purpose: to play chess. Available to people of all levels and ages.

Chinese Culture Club

Sponsor supervisor(s): Callum Lee & Royce Chen

Meetings: Fridays @ lunch, Room 305

Statement of purpose: to provide students with the opportunity to learn about Chinese culture, language, traditions, and history.

Clay Club

Sponsor supervisor(s): Rachel Sawatsky

Meetings: Wednesdays after school 3:15-5:00, Room 329

Statement of purpose: to teach students various skills like hand-building and wheel-throwing.


Debate Club

Sponsor supervisor(s): Leonard Wong

Meetings: Tuesdays after school, Room 303

Statement of purpose: to provide a safe space for students of all ages to debate about issues within their personal interests while also staying away from significantly controversial topics.

Diversity Club

Sponsor supervisor(s): Ryan Peters & Sam Jackson

Meetings: Thursdays @ lunch, Room 218/219

Statement of purpose: a space that celebrates 2SLGBTQ+ people. We are also committed to celebrating under celebrated communities and addressing oppression more broadly.

Dungeons & Dragons Club

Sponsor supervisor(s): Mike Hengeveld

Meetings: Thursdays @ lunch, Room 218/219

Statement of purpose: to create a welcoming environment for people to play Dungeons & Dragons. We will also teach people how to play if they are new!

Environment Club

Sponsor supervisor(s): Carina Soderlund

Meetings: after school once or twice a week, Room 120

Statement of purpose: students learn about and advocate for sustainability issues.


Knitting Club

Sponsor supervisor(s): Gogae Nanda

Meetings: Tuesdays @ lunch, Makerspace

Statement of purpose: students learn how to knit or work on improving skills.


Sponsor supervisor(s): Tina Li & April Jung

Meetings: Tuesdays @ lunch, conference room. Tuesdays after school every two weeks, cafeteria.

Statement of purpose: to provide students with opportunities to volunteer in the school and offsite, fundraise for different causes.

New Shoots

Sponsor supervisor(s): Leonard Wong

Meetings: scheduled around mentor.

Statement of purpose: interested students work with a mentor from UBC Creative Writing program for eight after-school sessions.


Robotics Club

Sponsor supervisor(s): Warren Lloyd

Meetings: Wednesdays & Thursdays after school, Room 127 (woodshop).

Statement of purpose: to learn and build robotics regardless of grade level. Every year we aim to participate in the First Robotics Competition in Victoria.


Video Gaming Club

Sponsor supervisor(s): Darren Dissegna

Meetings: weekly meetings in room 313, tournaments once a month in auditorium.

Statement of purpose: to create a community for students as well as opportunities to connect with one another; to pursue a personal hobby as a group.

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