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Agenda and Time Management Skills

The goal is to provide students with time management strategies that will apply to all subject areas.

During the last 5 minutes of each class, teachers are asked to:

  • reinforce use of the Student Agenda by ensuring that all homework assignments are written on
    the appropriate date.
  • encourage families to sign off on completed homework.
  • check the agenda books on a regular basis to ensure that students are keeping on track by scheduling important information.

This section of the Titan Learning Strategies binder includes:

• Gr8 Library Orientation Overview.pdf 
Tips for Using Your Agenda Book.pdf
• "Organizing Your Time" package from Prentice-hall's Student Study Guide
   (See Titan Learning Strategies Binder)
• Skills For Independent Learning_Self_Evaluation.pdf
• Marks_For_Skills_Development.pdf  - Marking Guide for teachers and student self evaluation

Also consult "Unit 7: Time Management" in Strategies For Success: Teacher Guide (pp. 79 - 95).

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