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Transition Planning 19+

Each student should have a Child & Youth with Special Needs Social Worker (CYSN SW). 
If you don’t know who that is, please call 604 660 5437 then press 1 and ask who is their CYSN Social Worker and you should then be connected to that person.

VSB Psych Ed. reports are updated by Dr. John Woudzia,  around the age of 18,  in order to facilitate the CLBC and PWD application process. 

Most of our students can receive PWD supports at 18, and CLBC supports at 19.

Wait lists for CLBC Adult Day Program placement can take 3 to 12 months after school graduation.  
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Additional Year 12+

Some students not 19yrs old by the end of June, are eligible for an additional year.  Please see below for the dates for graduation: 

  1. All students born in 2004 must exit school June 2024
  2. Students born January-June 2005 -also must exit school June 2024
  3. Students born July 1-December 31st 2005-must exit school June 2025
  4. Students born January-June 30th 2006-must exit school June 2025.  

Transition Planning Guidebook : Pam Neuman E:

Pam Nueman - Parents are welcome to request help from pam to facilitate and coordinate transition plans, meet with social workers and CLBC facilitators, inform teams/students about college programs for students with diverse abilities, and support employment and other community programming for students as they transition to adult life. 





Community Living BC Welcome Workshops 


Families are encouraged to contact Family Support Services at DDA 604-327-9111 , and invite them to all IEP meetings, starting grade 8!Screen Shot 2019-11-21 at 3.45.10 PM.png
Developmental Disabilities Association
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