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Socials 10 - Regions of Canada


SS 10 R Regional Internet Broadcast:
You have been placed in a group and given a region. You are to simulate a special television report on your region of Canada.
  1. Moderator: introduces each segment and closes the show with a summary of the regional reports, the unique features of each region
  2. Regional Host: leads each segment with reports and interviews “ experts” and “ guests” who discuss the various features and issues involved in the region
  3. Guests and experts: specialize in one aspect of a region or a regional issue
Describing Canada’s Landform Regions through a power point activity
You will research the characteristics for one of Canada’s regions:
You may also refer to other sections of the atlas and the internet for your research.
1. Describe your landform region based on the following characteristics:
a. Location: Map of Canada showing your region in relation to rest of Canada
b. Age:
  • Explain how your landform region was created. (I.e. What processes were involved?):
  • Use diagrams and pictures to describe the process.
  • Plate tectonics etc.
c. Physical features of the landscape:
  • provide a description of physical features and landscape
  • regional map showing major physical features and cities
  • key visuals showing land and water bodies of your region
  • explain economic activities and natural resources
    • primary , secondary, and service industries
    • resources extracted ( taken from the earth)
    • explain renewable, non-renewable resources
    • major resources exported from your region
    • major centers of employment
  • Trace two major products from raw material to market.
    • Description of problems that your regions faces ( i.e. Environmental issue )related to region
    • What organization is attempting to combat the problem?
    • provide a description of the climate and how it affects your region.
    • regional map showing major climate and cities
    • explain how people have adapted to your region
    • provide a regional map and show the main vegetation of your region
    • show key visuals that illustrate the main vegetation of your region
    • regional maps showing where most of the people live in your region.
    • Explain which groups settled your region first…( first nations, explorers etc)

Here are some of the choices for your Creative Corner:

  • Make sure you incorporate the characteristics of your region and how it was formed.
  • You must perform your presentation to the class
  • The Canadian Encyclopedia
  • Statistics Canada
  • World Book Encyclopedia
  • Atlas of Canada
  • Encarta Encyclopedia
d. Climate:
e. Vegetation:
f. Population:
g. Potpourri (Interesting stuff about your regions)
3. Power Point presentation / 15 marks
Content / 50 marks

Part C: Creative Corner 15 marks

Create an artistic representation of your landform region based on the research from Part B.
Short story


in addition to the Grade 10 Social Studies Textbook (Horizons) you will be expected to consult a variety of materials. Begin with the resources on WEBCAT

 Available DIGITAL LIBRARY resources are:

Hello Canada series  (Check WebCat for specific titles by province)

Journey across Canada Series


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