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Accessing Office 365

As a VSB student you have access to all Microsoft Office 365 applications / programs:

  • Outlook - your VSB email
  • One Drive - where you save all of your documents (assignments, projects, work)
  • Word, Excel, PowerPoint
  • Teams - for online classrooms (2020)

and a variety of other tools.

You also have a VSB email.  It is:

Your Student    Example:

Your Password is:  Your Network Password - the same one used to login to a computer at school.

To access OFFICE 365 ...

1) Visit the Templeton Secondary School website.

2) Scroll down the main page, and click on the red box for "OFFICE 365".

3) Login.

     Username:  your student

     Password:  your network login (the one used to login on a school computer)

The first time you log in to Office 365, there will be a series of startup screens.  Click next for each until you see the screen with all the Microsoft Office Apps.

4)  You can now select the program / tool you wish to use.

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