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My Education BC FAQs

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Q: I need to reset my password/I’ve been locked out of my account.

A: The student should come to the office and speak to the receptionist. The receptionist will confirm what email a temporary password will be sent to and will initiate a temporary password.

Once you receive the temporary password, login to My Education using your student number and the temporary password. Once you do, you will be prompted to create a new password.

*IMPORTANT: do NOT use a phone when setting up a new password. It will NOT work and you’ll only have to start the process over again. ONLY use a laptop or desktop.

Q: Is there a separate account for parents?

A: No, there is one account per student. Parents use that account and login with the student’s number and their password. 

Q: How do I view my child's attendance?

A: On the main page, click the top tab "Academics." You will then see a list of your child's courses. To view detailed attendance for a specific course, click the box beside the course and then click the "Attendance" side-tab on the left hand side. You will then see any detailed attendance for that specific course including absences (A), excused absences (A-E), lates (L), etc.

Q: My child is in Grade 8 or a new student -- what's the initial password to log on?

A: Dist$2024

Q: What is my child's username?

A: Your child's student number


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