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Q: I forgot my username and password for my online course in Brightspace.

Send an email to: Include your full name and PEN number. Please DO NOT create another user.

Q: How do I register my child for the K-7 online program?

If you're interested in finding out more about our Kindergarten to Grade 7 online program, please call our main office at 604-713-5520 to schedule an appointment. See our Elementary student section for more information.

Q: How do I register for Grade 8-9 online courses?

If you're a full-time VLN student, you must first make an appointment with your counsellor to set up your program. If you're attending a different VSB school and want to take one or two courses at VLN, your home school's principal must complete your VLN Grade 8/9 Registration Form. You can get this form from your counsellor. For your counsellor's contact information, see Staff Contact Information. Once the form is completed, please email it to our main office at 

Q: How do I register for Grade 10-12 online courses?

Students can self-register online for all Grade 10-12 courses at the Sign Up page. For a complete set of instructions on how to register for courses, see the Secondary student section of the website.

Q: Do I need to make an appointment with a counsellor before I select my courses?

You must meet with a VLN counsellor before registering if you want to become a fulltime Grade 8 or 9 VLN student, if you're under the age of 19 and not attending a BC high school, or if you're an adult and aren't sure what you need to graduate. Students who need only one or two courses, and know what they are, may register without making an appointment with a counsellor.

Q: When can I register for my course?

Grade 8 and 9 courses can be started from September to June. Students complete Grade 10 - 12 courses at their own pace, starting at any time and finishing at any time.

Q: How long do I have to complete a course?

After completing a startup assignment and gaining full access to their course, a student has a calendar year to complete the course.

Q: I am attending high school and want to take some courses at VLN. Is this possible?

Yes. All students in Grades 10-12 can register for courses at these grade levels. Students in Grades 8 or 9 must get permission from their home school by filling out the appropriate registration form available from one of our counsellors. For more information, see the Secondary student section. 

Q: Can I take a course over again to upgrade my mark?

Yes, you may retake a course to upgrade your mark. If you have already taken the course at another school, just enroll normally following the registration instructions on the Secondary student section of the website. If you already took the course at VLN and want to take the course again, please follow the instructions on the courses page. 

Q: If I take a course again, which mark will appear on my transcript?

The course mark on your transcript will be the higher mark.

Q: How do I request a copy of my VLN report card?

Request your VLN report card by sending an email to

Q: Can I use VLN courses to get a graduation diploma?

Yes. If you're not sure which courses you need to graduate, please contact one of our counsellors. You can find their contact information in Staff Contact Information.

Q: Are all VLN courses high school equivalent?

Yes. All courses meet the approved British Columbia Ministry of Education curriculum and lead to the certificate of graduation.

Q: Do post-secondary institutions accept the marks I receive from VLN?

Yes. VLN courses are accepted throughout Canada and the United States.

Q: Are there tests/exams in the course?

Most courses include tests/exams that contribute to your overall mark. Once you are registered in the specific course, your teacher will have more information for you.

Q: Where do I write my exams?

Students usually write their exams at VLN. We are located in the Southeast corner of John Oliver Secondary School, 530 East 41st Avenue. Please contact your VLN counsellor if you have an IEP that affords you test accommodations. For your counsellor's contact information, see Staff Contact Information.

Q: I do not live in the Lower Mainland and can't come to VLN for exams. How do I take my tests?

If you can't come to VLN to take your exams, you must contact your VLN counsellor to set up an offsite testing protocol. For your counsellor's contact information, see Staff Contact Information.

Q: May I look at my exam after it's been marked to see how I've done?

To review an exam, you must contact your course teacher directly.

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