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International Students

We provide international students with the opportunity to take courses in an engaging learning environment that allows students to schedule their classes to fit their individual needs.

The flexibility is perfect for international students:

  • completing courses online as part of an international study program
  • taking courses to assist with transition to BC schools
  • preferring an individualized learning environment with a flexible schedule

International students who are currently attending secondary schools in BC are eligible to 

register for courses at VLN For information on how to register for Grade 10-12 courses, see 

How to Enroll.


  • VSB international students must complete English courses at their home schools.  Exceptional permission may be granted by the VSB International Education.  If you have any questions about this, please contact your home school counsellors. 
  • Some school districts may require their international students to obtain prior approval before enrolling in courses at other schools.  Please check with your home school counsellors or school districts if you are approved to enroll in online courses at VLN.

What to submit…

All international students who are currently attending secondary schools in BC:

  • Completed International Student Enrollment Form 
  • Valid Study Permit
  • Valid Passport
  • Tuition Receipt
    • $1,150 non-refundable tuition fee per course for VSB (Vancouver School Board) international students.  
    • $1,250 non-refundable tuition fee per course for all independent school international students regardless of school districts.
  • see Tuition Fees for information on how to make an online payment. 

Additional requirements for independent school international students:

  • Proof of Address
    • Valid BC Driver’s Licence, BCID, long-term tenancy agreement, or a recent bank/credit card statement with your name and current address on it. 
  • BC Services Card (front and back) or Care Card with your personal health number on it.
  • Latest Report Card or Transcript
  • Parent’s and/or Legal Guardian’s Contact Information
    • Full name / Relationship with student / Address / Phone Number / Email Address
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