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Independent School Students

Independent School Students

Students from independent schools are welcome to take courses at the Vancouver Learning Network. The following supporting documents are required prior to registration for courses: 

How to register:

Independent school students who are currently attending a school in BC should submit the following information to our main office at to begin their application process.

    • Canadian Birth Certificate
    • Canadian Passport
    • Permanent Resident Card (front and back)
    • BC Driver's Licence
    • BC ID
    • Utility Bill (e.g., Telus, Fortis, Shaw, BC Hydro, etc.)
    • Long-term Tenancy Agreement
    • Income / Property Tax Statement
    • Bank Account / Credit Card Statement
  1. BC Services Card (front and back) or Care Card 
  2. Latest Report Card or Transcript
  3. Parents' contact information 
    • Full name
    • Relationship to student
    • Address
    • Phone number
    • Email address
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