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Career Life Connections and Capstone 12

Career Life Connections 12 Course Overview

Big Ideas

Career-life development includes ongoing cycles of exploring, planning, reflecting, adapting, and deciding.

Career-life decisions influence and are influenced by internal and external factors, including local and global trends.

Engaging in networks and reciprocal relationships can guide and broaden career-life awareness and options.

A sense of purpose and career-life balance support  well-being.

Lifelong learning and active citizenship foster career-life opportunities for people and communities.



In this course, students will learn how to effectively manage their life journey towards several possible preferred futures. They will be learning how to recognize their evolving interests and strengths, refine their learning goals, and apply this self-knowledge to explore post-secondary possibilities in diverse educational, work-related, and personal life contexts.

Where does this course fit?

  • Pre-requisite: Career Life Education 10
  • Graduation Status: Career Life Connections and Capstone is a REQUIRED course for Graduation.
  • 4 credits
  •  (Students on the Adult Grad program are not required to take this course. However, they may choose to take this course as an Elective) 

Course Materials

  • All materials and resources are provided in the course.
  • Students will need access to a word processor (e.g. MS Word).
  • They will also need community support to complete the Work/Volunteer Experience and Capstone Project.

Brief Outline



Personal Development

Topics include: Self Awareness, Importance of Interpersonal Skills, Communication Skills, 30 hrs Work/Volunteer Experience.

Career Life Plan

Topics include: Importance of Labour Market, Work Safety, Essential Career Skills, Employability Skills, Finding Your Pathway, Career Life Essentials.

Capstone Project

Complete a project that demonstrates the student’s learning using an area of interest as the basis for the project;

Project may fall under one of these strands: Research, Event Planning, Project-based, Experiment, Service Learning, Internship, or Career/Entrepreneur.

Assessment Percentage Breakdown

Assessment Type

Percentage of the Course



Capstone Project


You have up to a year to complete your course.

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