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Media Design 12

Media Design 12 Course Overview

Big Ideas

Design for the life cycle includes consideration
of social and environmental impacts.

Personal design choices require self-exploration, evaluation, and the refinement of ideas and skills.

Tools and technologies can influence
people’s lives.



You have been asked to create a website for a family member or take pictures or create a video of a birthday party – what are the things you need to consider before taking on one of these tasks. This course is very similar to a directed studies course which provide opportunity for students to develop a focused independent program of study under faculty supervision. Proposed topics should be related to media design such as web publishing, design and animation, graphic design, and digital video.

Where does this course fit?

  • Prerequisites: Media Design 11 or similar or permission from the instructor.
  • Graduation Status: Grade 12 Elective for Graduation

Course Materials

  • All materials are provided in the course online.

Brief Outline




With your instructor's help, you will design four different Media Design projects. For each project, you will describe the project’s 1) purpose, objectives, and expected outcomes; 2) create a schedule, and assessment plan.

Assessment Percentage Breakdown

Assessment Type

Percentage of the Course



You have up to a year to complete your course. 

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