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BC First Peoples 12

BC First Peoples 12 Course Overview

Big Ideas

The identities, worldviews, and languages of B.C. First Peoples are renewed, sustained, and transformed through their connection to the land.

The impact of contact and colonialism continues to affect
the political, social, and economic lives of B.C. First Peoples.

Cultural expressions convey the richness, diversity, and resiliency
of B.C. First Peoples.

Through self-governance, leadership, and self-determination, B.C. First Peoples challenge and resist Canada's ongoing colonialism.



B.C. First Peoples 12 focuses on the diversity, depth, and integrity of the cultures of British Columbia's Indigenous Peoples. In emphasizing the languages, culture, and history of Indigenous peoples, the course addresses an important part of the history of British Columbia. The course provides an opportunity for BC students to acquire knowledge and understanding of the traditions, history, and present realities of BC Indigenous peoples, as well as a chance to consider future challenges and opportunities.

Where does this course fit?

  • Pre-requisite: Social Studies 10
  • Graduation Status: One of the Grade 11/12 Social Studies options required for graduation

Course Materials

  • You will find readings, videos and other resources linked to the course pages.

Brief Outline



Module 1:  Land and Relationships 

In this first module, students will acquire background knowledge about BC Indigenous Peoples, and their traditional strong relationship with the land and the natural world. You will examine traditional First Peoples’ perspective, worldview, and concepts of land and resource ownership.

Module 2:   Colonialism, Contact, and Resistance 


This module will require students to assess the impact of contact and colonialism on BC First Nations. You will examine the impact of contact, religion and colonialism on the social structures, economies, and education of BC First Peoples.

Module 3:   Cultural Expression and Revival

We will explore the functions and significance of the oral tradition and story telling to Indigenous culture, community and teaching. Opportunities will be provided to analyze, interpret, and evaluate portrayals of First Nations people and to explore the importance for First Nations people controlling the development of their artistic traditions. Students will also look at the vibrant resurgence of Indigenous culture.

Module 4:   Leadership and Self Determination


This module explores key concepts of Indigenous identity, self-government, and self-determination.

BCFP 12 - Final Research Paper 


The research paper is an in depth look at a topic of your choosing. This final project includes submitting a research proposal, extensive research notes, an annotated bibliography as well as a final research paper with citations. This paper is worth 30% of your final grade.

Assessment Percentage Breakdown

Assessment Type

Percentage of the Course

Assignments and Discussions


Final Research Paper


You have up to a year to complete your course.

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